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The Vetting System©️

Dr. Taylor Burrowes
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‪Everyone wants love, but do you know how to get your Ideal Love

Do you even know what your Ideal Love looks like? Most people don't, most people struggle with:

- Multiple dates that end badly

- Nightmare prospects

- Being sad and single

- Falling into a relationship prematurely and feeling stuck

- Ending up in a relationship that becomes toxic

- A dry, platonic, boring marriage/relationship that doesn’t meet their needs, expectations, and they have differing core values

- Feeing unhappy or even despair

- Feeling they missed their chance at love

But it's never too late! 

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You ideally want to couple early and build your ideal relationship thoroughly. 

Even if you're starting over later in life this is just as possible for you if you do it the right way, but you don't have time to waste. 

It's time to re-evaluate your outlook and take some much needed redirection from my Ideal Relationship System.

This e-book with equip you with the knowledge and direction to earn an Ideal Partner and successful Ideal Relationship.

You'll learn what is healthy and effective and compatible for you before you jump headfirst into potentially toxic "love."

This e-book will prepare you to attract, honor and keep your Ideal Partner FOREVER...and if you're already married or attached, it will help you upgrade your relationship into an Ideal Relationship if you both follow the System!

Get the paired Ideal Self workbook for men and women and you'll also get a 24 minute video from me walking you through the workbook and activities!



About the Author


How my approach is different




Aims of The Ideal Relationship System© (The System):

The Red, what and Blue?

CHAPTER I: The Ideal Self

This is not Self Love™


Real Self vs Ideal Self

Learning from previous relationships

Your Ideal Self in Relationship

Relationship Competency

CHAPTER II: Ideal Lifestyle

Reverse engineering your life

CHAPTER III: The Ideal Partnership

Healthy Relationships

The Ideal Relationship Formula

Masculine and feminine polarity

High value or high quality partners

Ladies in waiting

Vetting (Logic)

Green flags

Red Flags

Attraction (Desire)

Attachment (Love)

CHAPTER IV: Can you save your relationship or marriage?

When you have it all!

Next Steps


The 15 Ideal Relationship Tips

A Little About Me

I'm a retired mental health counselor and retired marriage, couples, and family therapist. I now work as an expert independent coach and consultant with men, women, singles and couples.

This book is for men, women, singles, couples and spouses who not only want a healthy relationship, but an Ideal Relationship and Ideal Partner. ‬

The Ideal Relationship System©️ is useful for all, but written from a traditional perspective.

If you've caught yourself saying:

“All men suck”

"There's no decent women left"

“It's too late for me to find love”

“It’s so hard to find anyone decent online”

Or if you find yourself:

- Scrolling through online dating profiles every day

- Wasting time and money and effort on dead end dates

- Watching friends and family in happy relationships and feel inadequate or jealous

- In constant fights with your partner

- Always getting rejected by the opposite gender

- Obsessing about specific people and being unable to let go

- Texting back and forth with no follow through

- Making plans to meet but getting stood up

- Getting ghosted and feeling like crap

- Talking to one counselor after another without any resolution because your partner won't make an effort to admit to needing improvement.

- Being stuck in the same arguments over and over and not feeling understood or respected

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This book is an investment in yourself and your relationships.

A bad relationship can cost you years of your life and — if it ends up in divorce — it can cost you substantially (hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases).

"The Vetting System©️ is like a map to help you gain clarity in dating and relationships."

Here's what my readers are saying about it...

"Taylor, I wanted to thank you again for what you taught me during our call and through the ideal relationship system. I’ll be getting engaged within the next 1-3 months! The clarity gained from your book was instrumental."

—Skylar .S.

"Lots of great action-oriented content... the failed relationships I've seen and experienced happen because people act on emotion instead of balancing that with logic. Tony Robbins says that the quality of our lives is based on the quality of questions we ask ourselves. The Ideal Relationship System is a map for asking yourself the quality questions. The system is centered on building an ideal self (a precondition to an ideal relationship), so be prepared to do the work if you want to reap the rewards. What makes it so valuable is that this book has not been padded with filler, there's zero fluff. The modified Quora response is an excellent summary of the main action points too. Definitely merits a reread to take some notes 🔥"

—Brad M.

"Trying to navigate the massive amount of relationship advice available out there can be really tricky. There are so many self-proclaimed dating and relationship gurus online, but I can honestly say that I’ve recognized that Taylor is the real deal. I’m happy to support her work, because she has proven her value over and over again. This book focuses on the core principles of what it takes to earn and maintain a healthy long-term relationship. I’m already reading it for the third time! No games, weird strategies, or manipulation. If you’re considering making the purchase, it’s well worth the investment. I'm already excited to see what she writes about next!"

—Rozelle D.

"Seriously one of the best $47 investments I've ever made. I hope you continue to publish. I enjoyed how you organized all this. The System makes sense to me, It's not just a clever marketing phrase...it's an actual System and that's clear to me. The exercises were productive and fruitful. I took them seriously and made quite a few notes. I also appreciated your humility in the final pages when you stopped short of guaranteeing that this book with "change my life," but it definitely will. I CAN CONFIRM. That was worth every penny!"

—Tim S.

"This book is refreshingly honest and straightforward compared to most of the self-help and dating advice out there. If you are expecting to walk away with any cheat codes or shortcuts, this book is not for you. Taylor explains the recipe for what it takes for you to achieve your ideal self, ideal relationship and ideal life - anything rewarding and/or of value requires sacrifice and commitment. I would love to see a mini series of the topics covered that could be expanded on. Thank you, Taylor, for writing this - you are doing us all a great service."

— Vanessa P.

"To say that Taylor's book has been transformational is an understatement. Whether you're single, dating, married, or just working on yourself, her values-focused approach to building a strong relationship changed my life. The book doesn't just give you clarity on what to do next or diagnose problems, it provides you with a road map for building your ideal relationship, and life, from the ground up."

—James G.

"Your book is easily the best book on relationships/dating/self-development I have read since Corey Wayne's "How to Be a 3% Man." Your work, both your book and your email newsletters, have helped me and my girlfriend grow a lot over the past few months. Both as individuals and in our relationship. In short, our relationship would not be where it is at right now if it weren't for you.”

— Juan M.

“When I started reading it, I jumped directly to the bonus chapter which summarizes her advice in bullet points. It’s great to read that first to setup the tone for the rest of the book. It’s almost worth reading that chapter every week till it is fully internalized. Pure gold!”

— S. B. 

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I’m sure you’re wondering if this book is right for you.

I stand by the quality of this product...there are no refunds

This is a policy I stand by as firmly as I stand by my product. 

I want you to make a firm decision and commit to it through consequential action.

If you feel like this e-book hasn’t answered all your questions, you’re always free to reach out to me. 

Just send me an email: support@taylorburrowes.com and I'll be happy to answer some of your burning questions and help direct you personally on a free call.

The secret to The Vetting System©️ lies with your accelerated personal growth towards your Ideal Self. ‬

You must prepare for your Ideal Relationship consciously by becoming a high value man or woman deserving of the complement of this: your Ideal Partner. ‬

‪How you do this, is explained in detail in this book. ‪

It's up to you to decide what standards you set and expect for yourself and determine who you love, honor and cherish.

Get the first edition while there are limited copies left and you'll have lifetime access to revisions and additions to the edition. 

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  • A comprehensive introductory overview of my Ideal Relationship System©️ that I use to work with single and coupled clients to prepare for, attract and/or keep their ideal partner. This book is for you if you want not only a healthy relationship, but you want an ideal one.

  • 24 min video tutorial with workbook bundle
  • A comprehensive introductory overview of my Ideal Relationship System©️ that I use to work with single and coupled clients to prepare for, attract and/or keep their ideal partner. This book is for you if you want not only a healthy relationship, but you want an ideal one.
  • 24 min video tutorial with workbook bundle$125


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